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The Most Cheerful Children Furniture Set

By: admin

If you don’t want to gather toys from all over the house each and every day, the best thing you can do is to teach your children that there is a certain place dedicated to playing time. A brightly colored children furniture set made of wood can help you create the perfect environment for playing. Kids will not only get used to the idea that they shouldn’t play everywhere in the house, but they will be safer and it will be easier for you to make them respect a schedule, associating the playing table with a certain time interval during the day. Moreover, instead of staying in all sorts of awkward positions while playing on the floor, they will sit nicely at the table, reducing the risk of injuries at the same time.


This children furniture set from EcoDeco is designed especially for kids, being not only very cheerful, but also risk-free: no sharp edges, no extremely rough areas. Moreover, it is large enough so that your son or daughter can play with a couple of friends whom you might invite over. That way, they will have fun, socialize and develop their skills at the same time, in a safe and pleasant environment. Sitting at a table rather than by a toy box, the kids might get the feeling of doing something more serious, get more creative and, thus, develop more harmoniously. If you want to make an investment for your kids, this might just as well be one of your best options.

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The Deluxe EcoDeco Dog House

By: admin

If you own a large dog such as a German Shepherd or a Golden Retriever, you should look for a dog house model which does not have only solid walls, but which is designed with some sort of windows or gaps through which the light can get in. This aspect might not be very important when it comes to rather small dog houses, but it matters if the inside is wider. Although it is meant to be the hiding place of your pet, it doesn’t mean it should be dark.

From a different point of view, if you invest in something as large as a deluxe dog house, you might as well choose one that will also play an aesthetic role in your home or garden. A geometric black and white futuristic design would be very suitable for a modern house. If you are afraid that such models might be too impersonal or cold, you can always choose the model with a patch of grass on top, which is a very nice, eco-friendly touch.

A dog house such as the 2048 Deluxe by EcoDeco is perfect both for your large dog and yourself. Your four-legged fellow will enjoy all the space it needs, a space it can feel as its own, while you will be glad to have invested in something which is both useful and pleasant for the eye. Your guest will certainly admire the ingenious combination: a dog house that is also a nice decorative item and a way to bring nature into your home.


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The Luxury Gangnam-Gu Pet Residence

By: admin

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing that your pet best friend is happy, and what better way to do that than to get your dog a house. Of course, if you have a special relation with your dog, then you know that a tiny regular dog kennel just won’t do. If you want to get him something special, then nothing short of a dog mansion will do.

The Luxury Gangnam-Gu Pet Residence has a water drainage system, it’s made from wood, plywood and also insulating polystyrene, so that your pet will be safe from water and the cold. A mansion is not a mansion without a window through which your friend can admire the scenery, and, since he’ll be spending a lot of time there, you’ll be able to enjoy the decorative black marble, white marble and tree bark when trying to make him come out, unsuccessfully.

The Luxury Gangnam pet residence can make a great addition to any garden. Furthermore, it’s a great way to get your dog to spend less time inside the house playing with your shoes and your nerves. If he’s not too picky and likes to travel light, without furniture, then the good news is that the mansion can accommodate two, depending on breed. This means that, if you wanted to get your pet a friend to play with, this mansion will accommodate both of them without any problems, just as long as they get along. Of course, you could always get another Gu Pet Residence, so that they both have a place of their own.


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High Lifestyle with King castle Dog House

By: admin

Nowadays, a great deal of dog owners has brought their four-legged friend’s lifestyle towards a whole new level, as their pretentions have increased when talking about doghouse quality. While some people got used to living with their pet under the same roof, others put value to a household’s human factor and offer their dog the possibility to sleep in his own little shelter.

The King castle Dog house comes to reinvent the traditional image of a conventional pet crib, as its challenging design might be on the size of your dog’s personality. The model gives your companion a space of its own, finding its inspiration in a human-type shelter. Built with attention to detail, the miniature castle can be a joyful image in the courtyard for both dog and owner. This innovative metamorphosis will have a positive impact upon your garden, as it can also play the role of a very inspiring exterior sculpture.

Replacing the standardized two-pitched roof with a plan surface might be frowned upon but dog owners should not worry as drainage systems were well taken care off. Taken into account the importance of water-protected shelters, designer of the Kingcastle doghouse have thought things through and implemented a spout in the structure of the roof. Moreover, the surface was covered with a waterproofing material that won’t allow rain to get infiltrated. Likewise, the exterior walls of the doghouse were painted as to ensure the consistency of their wood-based material overtime.

Meeting structural and aesthetics requirements, the Kingcastle doghouse can be perceived as both a hideaway and interactive garden object.


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A nice and warm house for your dog: Einstein Adicus Royal Dog-House

By: admin

If you are looking for a nice and warm house for your dog to sleep in, but you also want it to have a more sci-fi look, then you should certainly try the new Einstien Adicus Royal Dog-House. The house is made entirely from fir wood, and it has grass in a special place on its roof, giving it a very natural look, in line with the eco-friendly lifestyle that we can all enjoy.

While it can easily be placed anywhere in the garden, offering your pet best friend the comfort and protection he needs from the rain or the hot summer sun, this dog house can easily be fitted inside your home as well. It is really just a matter of choice, as it will, none the less, provide your dog with a permanent residence that he will love to spend time in.

The great thing about it is that it has a modern look which can easily match the style of a modern home, and because of the space for the soil on the roof, you can choose to plant just about anything there, not just grass. When put indoors, it certainly provides a dual function. On the one side, it serves as a house for our dog, a place where he is safe and sound.

On the other side, by having the vegetation on top, it can help filter the air in our home, eliminating carbon monoxide, helping us and our best friend breathe more easily and enjoy healthier lives.


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Doghouse with Terrace – the Ultimate Trend in Dog Sheltering

By: admin

Dog owners have started to search for new ways to give additional practicality to their pet’s cribs, as the traditional two-pitched roof doghouses have already become outdated. Providing your dog with the necessary space for him to lie down in is one thinks, but giving it a new feature might contribute to your little pet’s need for diversity.

The doghouse with terrace is no ordinary pet shelter as it comes equipped with an extra level. This means that the surface of a normal doghouse has practically doubled in size, offering the possibility for your companion to receive guests. As hilarious as it may sound, this fact actually points out a realistic aspect in a dog’s life.

Visits from friends with dogs should not be reduced to calming down canine spirits. When it comes to owning the model of a doghouse with included terrace, dogs have the possibility to explore their playful nature and interact with each other while they frolic up and down the stairs.

As far as constructive aspects are concerned, this unique doghouse is mainly based on wood carpentry. Making possible for rain water to run off, designers have decided upon a one-pitched roof, while the terrace located above offers supplementary protection. The entrance is marked by a miniature porch that prevents dogs from directly hoping in the space of the crib. The terrace is also waterproofed with a special material that keeps rain away from getting unfiltered into the wooden structure.


Choose the Finest Outdoor Furniture

By: admin

If you would love to get your friends over every other weekend, stay in the garden drinking a beer or a glass of wine and just chat or play board games, but you haven’t manage to purchase some outdoor furniture yet, maybe it’s time you made up your mind. Here is a truly nice and practical set that is perfect for a patio.

Unlike most furniture items designed for outdoor use, this set is made of wood, which is a much better choice than steel or plastic as it creates a much more pleasant and cozier atmosphere. Moreover, wood is a more comfortable material – I we may say so – since it is smoother and warms up more quickly than metal.

The set is composed of a reasonably wide coffee table, where you have enough space to place several bottles, a bowl of peanuts, as well as a game, and two benches which are perfect for a couple for friends gathering up for a chat. Additionally, there is a planter box which will probably be very appreciated by those who want to feel closer to nature.

It is large enough to plant a shrub and not just any small apartment plant. All in all, the set will simply transform your back garden. It is simple, yet stylish, it almost invites you to spend some more time than you usually do outdoors. So stop postponing your plans. Furnish your outdoor room and begin enjoying your time there, whether it is with your family or with your mates.


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Interesting and cool new model Dog House: Baronimus Prime Notorius

By: admin

Do you ever get the feeling that your dog is missing the days you spent at the cabana on the beach? Well, if you’ve never been at the beach with your dog, and don’t plan on doing it anytime soon because you know that he will stay in the water all day, then you can still make it up to him.

The Baronimus Prime Notorius Dog-House does not just let your pet best friend know that he’s loved, but also that he won’t have to worry about staying in the tent while on the beach.

This neat dog house is great not only because it looks amazing, but also because it gives you enough room to place a bowl of food and one of water on its “porch”, keeping them safe from rain or snow. The cabana has a nice roof that’s insulated, keeping water away, and if snow gets on it, keeping the inside of the cabana warm.

If you want the cabana to look more interesting and cool, then you can decorate it by planting some flowers or grass on the soil sitting atop of it. Alternatively, you can choose to place some black and white marble on its roof, or you can get some sand and create a miniature beach. Overall, this is a great looking house for any dog, being a great addition to anyone that wants to improve the look of their garden and provide their pet best friend with a warm and cozy home.


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Enjoy the authentic Cuban bar and cocktail culture – Spirito Cubano Garden Set

By: admin

Where can you truly enjoy the authentic Cuban bar and cocktail culture, if not in the atmosphere of a SpiritoCubano Garden set? Your Havana Club rum bottle deserves a grand opening on a table that best reminds of home. With the Cuban flag used as a leitmotiv in the whole design concept experience, your mojitos will be closer than ever to Havana.

The set consists of one table, one bench and two chairs, all of them comprising a bit of Cuba’s history, throughout the appearance and significance of its flag. The design includes three blue stripes symbolizing the three parts of the country that was divided during the independency war, while the white stripes represent the purity of patriotic spirit. The red triangle stands for the blood shed to free the nation, while the white star signifies the idea of independence. Therefore, the SpiritoCubano garden set is not just an ordinary exterior furniture, it actually comes with an entire history in its background that defines the Cuban people.


As far as chromatic aspects are concerned, the predominant color of this unique table set is white. Being the ambassador of simplicity and sophistication, the white color gives a heightened perception of space at a visual level. In combination with the serenity and coolness of the blue color, the white color installs a permanent sensation of relaxation, calming the mind and aiding concentration. The touch of red color is thus easily visible, being perceived as stimulating and lively.




Celebrate your intimacy with the Amore e Passione table set

By: admin

Garden decoration might be more of a challenge that you may think, as it is hard to fulfill each family member’s requirement. When you’ve finally decided to take a break from satisfying everybody’s wish and pay a little more attention to you and your partner in life, feel free to celebrate your intimacy with the Amore e Passione table set. Revealing the true flame of love, the concept design of this unique garden scenario will change the atmosphere of your evening dates.

Comprising one table and two benches, the furniture set is all you need for dining in two. While this assemble is perfect for your back garden, it can also be a proper decor idea for a restaurant or club with a romantic theme. Using fir as a constructive material, clients will be guaranteed the high quality and reliability of this furnishing. Due to its versatile design, the set can be installed in an indoor environment, as its colorful appearance will make any space a cheerful environment. Moreover, the Amore e Passione table set is also a perfect arrangement for an exterior location, without worrying about climate, as the material and paint used in the manufacture of this furniture are specially chosen to resist in any weather condition.

The combination of colors is not accidental: while the black color used at the base of the furniture gives the sensation of stability and security, the predominant red color stimulates pule rate while leaving the sensation of warmth and physical courage. In the middle of all these, a natural planter box is installed in the middle of the table, the color green being assed as the symbol of balance and universal love.




Working on Gangnam – Gu Pet Residence Modern Dog House

By: admin

This modern dog-house which took us about 10 days to finish, is one of our most complex projects we’re proud of.

Navigate through the gallery above to see photos took while building it. Our attention to details and over 15 years of experience in wood working and building houses makes it so easy for us to build quality and modern products such as this one.

If you have any kind of proposals like customization tips or other questions related to price and shipping to your address, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Geometric Canine Lifestyle with CubEx-Treme 2015 Doghouse

By: admin

While most dog owners prefer to stick to the conventional doghouse that doesn’t really fit in the aesthetics of their courtyard, others find it necessary to stand out from the crowd and transform their dog’s crib into a sculptural entity. This means that there are all kind of doghouses, depending on the owner’s preferences.

EcoDeco House’s CubEx-Treme doghouse is certainly no ordinary object you would see in a garden. Finding its inspiration in the Rubik’s cube, this doghouse uses a colorful pattern in order to revive the stern atmosphere of an average courtyard. The use of inclined plane in the structure of the house is rather ingenious than strange, allowing the necessary space for your dog to lie in a comfortable position. The entrance doesn’t face a vertical alignment, as it is also inclined,  amount of sunlight, therefore the volume of heat that can contribute to a temperature increase inside the doghouse.

Made from high-quality type of wood that guarantees a long lifetime, the CubEx-Treme doghouse consists of exterior paintwork that prevents rainwater from infiltrating into the material. Moreover, on the account of its inclined position, water can easily run off the surface of the roof, eliminating the possibility of water accumulation.

The most interesting feature this doghouse presents is the concept and the dynamic aspect it involves, contributing to a more animated exterior space. Due to its minimalist design, this house can fit anywhere around the courtyard, without being perceived as an extra object, but more as an item that really belongs there.


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