If you are looking for a nice and warm house for your dog to sleep in, but you also want it to have a more sci-fi look, then you should certainly try the new Einstien Adicus Royal Dog-House. The house is made entirely from fir wood, and it has grass in a special place on its roof, giving it a very natural look, in line with the eco-friendly lifestyle that we can all enjoy.

While it can easily be placed anywhere in the garden, offering your pet best friend the comfort and protection he needs from the rain or the hot summer sun, this dog house can easily be fitted inside your home as well. It is really just a matter of choice, as it will, none the less, provide your dog with a permanent residence that he will love to spend time in.

The great thing about it is that it has a modern look which can easily match the style of a modern home, and because of the space for the soil on the roof, you can choose to plant just about anything there, not just grass. When put indoors, it certainly provides a dual function. On the one side, it serves as a house for our dog, a place where he is safe and sound.

On the other side, by having the vegetation on top, it can help filter the air in our home, eliminating carbon monoxide, helping us and our best friend breathe more easily and enjoy healthier lives.


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