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EcoDeco House logo The atmosphere that defines a house is sometimes related to its landscape, as the exterior environment can be of great influence upon mood and general well-being. Making an improvement in the courtyard doesn’t only mean investing in a perfect green grass and sophisticated flower arrangements. It is also a question of outdoor furniture and decor idea that can add a unique value to the entire setting of your garden.

Being aware of the importance a domestiunique diva dog housec environment has on its owner and also on its surroundings, we guarantee high-standard professional services when it comes to exterior decoration and furnishings. In this sense, we create unique and modern handcrafted outdoor furniture: dog houses, garden sets, pavilions, tables, chairs, benches, planter boxes and ornaments, using natural wood-based materials that will transform your back garden into the perfect family and guests scenery. As a matter of fact, we are skilled craftsmen with substantial experience in working with wood, that can turn any average courtyard into an outstanding exterior environment. The results that we provide are incomparable to other prefabricated solutions, as nothing compares to a unique designed doghouse or a carefully installed table set.


Rubix-cub-lookDog-House modern-design-dog-house duplex-dog-house- 2048-Deluxe-Dog-House Einstien Adicus Royal Dog-House-grass-top Royal-Kingdom-Decor-Idea-set Untitled-1Kings-Castle-Dog-House-medieval-styleLindo-Maravilhoso-Brazilian-Garden-Bistro-SetRoyal-Kingdom-Decor-Idea-Furniture-planter-boxJamaican-Garden Bistro-Set

amore-e-passione-setMoreover, in an effort to bring color into your courtyard, our furniture sets come in various chromatic arrangements that will certainly have positive effects upon your mood, reviving the atmosphere and creating a joyful environment. Whenever you’ve reached the conclusion that the exterior of your house has just faded away in style, we will be there to help you bring it back to life. And a strong intense life, we might add, as the materials we use and the techniques implied in our carpentry works guarantee the reliability and stability of our furniture over time. Having to choose from a wide range of table sets and outdoor arrangements provided, householders can easily plan the garden they have always wanted.


EcoDeco Modern Patio FurnitureOne of the exterior spaces that should become a priority in landscaping planning is the patio. As it is the first transitional space between the interior environment and the courtyard, a patio can also become a place of family reunion in an exterior context. Surpassing its metaphorical meanings, the way in which this element of the garden is conceived is also important. In this sense, we understand how outdoor planning can influence exterior spaces, therefore improving the environment with innovative designs has become our priority.


outdoor modern furnitureOur decor ideas are available for your whole family, and when we say “family” we also refer to your four-legged friends, that deserve the luxury of a uniquely designed doghouse. Being a dog shelter and a non-conventional landscaping object, all at the same time, our doghouses come in various shapes and sizes, with our without extensions such as front porches or upstairs terraces. Their functionality equals their decorative force, as the doghouses we provide meet every dog’s spatial requirement. Our architectural ideas for dog cribs might also be a perfect exterior decoration for your courtyard, with a touch of dynamic forms and vibrant colors.

We are EcoDeco House.