Garden decoration might be more of a challenge that you may think, as it is hard to fulfill each family member’s requirement. When you’ve finally decided to take a break from satisfying everybody’s wish and pay a little more attention to you and your partner in life, feel free to celebrate your intimacy with the Amore e Passione table set. Revealing the true flame of love, the concept design of this unique garden scenario will change the atmosphere of your evening dates.

Comprising one table and two benches, the furniture set is all you need for dining in two. While this assemble is perfect for your back garden, it can also be a proper decor idea for a restaurant or club with a romantic theme. Using fir as a constructive material, clients will be guaranteed the high quality and reliability of this furnishing. Due to its versatile design, the set can be installed in an indoor environment, as its colorful appearance will make any space a cheerful environment. Moreover, the Amore e Passione table set is also a perfect arrangement for an exterior location, without worrying about climate, as the material and paint used in the manufacture of this furniture are specially chosen to resist in any weather condition.

The combination of colors is not accidental: while the black color used at the base of the furniture gives the sensation of stability and security, the predominant red color stimulates pule rate while leaving the sensation of warmth and physical courage. In the middle of all these, a natural planter box is installed in the middle of the table, the color green being assed as the symbol of balance and universal love.