While most dog owners prefer to stick to the conventional doghouse that doesn’t really fit in the aesthetics of their courtyard, others find it necessary to stand out from the crowd and transform their dog’s crib into a sculptural entity. This means that there are all kind of doghouses, depending on the owner’s preferences.

EcoDeco House’s CubEx-Treme doghouse is certainly no ordinary object you would see in a garden. Finding its inspiration in the Rubik’s cube, this doghouse uses a colorful pattern in order to revive the stern atmosphere of an average courtyard. The use of inclined plane in the structure of the house is rather ingenious than strange, allowing the necessary space for your dog to lie in a comfortable position. The entrance doesn’t face a vertical alignment, as it is also inclined,  amount of sunlight, therefore the volume of heat that can contribute to a temperature increase inside the doghouse.

Made from high-quality type of wood that guarantees a long lifetime, the CubEx-Treme doghouse consists of exterior paintwork that prevents rainwater from infiltrating into the material. Moreover, on the account of its inclined position, water can easily run off the surface of the roof, eliminating the possibility of water accumulation.

The most interesting feature this doghouse presents is the concept and the dynamic aspect it involves, contributing to a more animated exterior space. Due to its minimalist design, this house can fit anywhere around the courtyard, without being perceived as an extra object, but more as an item that really belongs there.


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