Nowadays, a great deal of dog owners has brought their four-legged friend’s lifestyle towards a whole new level, as their pretentions have increased when talking about doghouse quality. While some people got used to living with their pet under the same roof, others put value to a household’s human factor and offer their dog the possibility to sleep in his own little shelter.

The King castle Dog house comes to reinvent the traditional image of a conventional pet crib, as its challenging design might be on the size of your dog’s personality. The model gives your companion a space of its own, finding its inspiration in a human-type shelter.

Built with attention to detail, the miniature castle can be a joyful image in the courtyard for both dog and owner. This innovative metamorphosis will have a positive impact upon your garden, as it can also play the role of a very inspiring exterior sculpture.



Length : 161 cm
Wide : 103 cm
Height : 106 cm

Additional Information

Dimensions 161 x 103 x 106 cm

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