Where can you truly enjoy the authentic Cuban bar and cocktail culture, if not in the atmosphere of a SpiritoCubano Garden set? Your Havana Club rum bottle deserves a grand opening on a table that best reminds of home. With the Cuban flag used as a leitmotiv in the whole design concept experience, your mojitos will be closer than ever to Havana.

The set consists of one table, one bench and two chairs, all of them comprising a bit of Cuba’s history, throughout the appearance and significance of its flag. The design includes three blue stripes symbolizing the three parts of the country that was divided during the independency war, while the white stripes represent the purity of patriotic spirit. The red triangle stands for the blood shed to free the nation, while the white star signifies the idea of independence. Therefore, the SpiritoCubano garden set is not just an ordinary exterior furniture, it actually comes with an entire history in its background that defines the Cuban people.


As far as chromatic aspects are concerned, the predominant color of this unique table set is white. Being the ambassador of simplicity and sophistication, the white color gives a heightened perception of space at a visual level. In combination with the serenity and coolness of the blue color, the white color installs a permanent sensation of relaxation, calming the mind and aiding concentration. The touch of red color is thus easily visible, being perceived as stimulating and lively.